An LPA is a document that you sign to appoint somebody to act for you should you for any reason become unable to manage your own financial affairs.

If you care enough about what happens to your assets after you die, you ought to care even more about keeping them safe whilst you are alive!

Whilst a Will ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes when you die, an LPA protects your assets by authorising somebody chosen by you to deal with your affairs on your behalf (should you become unable to manage them yourself) whilst you are alive.

If you do not have an LPA, then if for any reason you suddenly become unable to manage your own affairs, e.g.

  • You suffer an accident and are confined to bed or hospital
  • You suffer a more serious accident which permanently incapacitates you
  • You become mentally incapacitated as a result of old age or for some other reason

… then the only way that your financial affairs can be managed is by an application (by a relative or other person close to you) to the Court of Protection. This can take up to 10 months and cost up to £1,000 to process – during which time your finances could be seriously damaged – and the person authorised to handle your affairs on your behalf is not only unlikely to be who you would have chosen, but may even be a Court Official – who can (and will) charge every time he/she acts for you.

If you have an LPA, your chosen representatives can act for you straight away if you become unable to handle your own affairs or if you become mentally incapacitated.

Please note that you must be mentally capable to make an LPA. Therefore – just like a Will – if you don’t have one then by the time you really need one it’s too late.




My wife and I are now both retired and have relied on Wealthcare for guidance and advice on pensions, our investments and on a wide range of financial issues. We have never been failed and the advice has always been prompt, reliable, professional and, equally as important, explained in non financial jargon thereby making understanding so much simpler.

Mr & Mrs Franks - Individual Clients

Both myself and my business partner Andrew have used Wealthcare for a number of years now and cannot recommend them highly enough. They've arranged plans which protect us in several areas including life insurance, critical injury and key man cover, Stephen also organised for a shareholders' agreement to be put in place for extra peace of mind.

Sizzle Creative Agency Limited

It wasn’t hard to choose Wealthcare from the list of brokers eager to win our business. From the very start, they sought to understand our company’s particular needs and (importantly) how I choose to work. They listen and deliver. Available to discuss any query, they are friendly, easy to communicate with, responsive, and always looking to go the extra mile to meet our expectations. How could I do anything other than heartily recommend this excellent organisation.

Timpson Limited

The Healthcare team have been a pleasure to deal with as they have made the process of sorting out and managing our PMI straightforward and simple. The Claims and Admin staff are very knowledgeable and will always go the extra mile.

Hodgsons Chartered Accountants

Both Michelle and Rachael have been fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always recommend you and your company, you have been nothing but supportive, professional, diligent and great fun.

David Smith, Smith and Jones Management

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